21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2022

14 – 19 June

Hybrid Conference I Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine

14 – 19 June 2022

Hybrid Conference
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2022

14 – 19 June

Hybrid Conference I Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Theme and principles

Better care for a better world

The conference theme of ‘Better care for a better world’ summarises the fundamental principles of emergency care. It encapsulates a vision of healthcare that is grounded in equity, social justice and sustainability, and will allow delegates to explore concepts such as:

  • Global resource-sharing in education, training and research
  • Universal access to emergency care, including the right of everyone to access care, regardless of their socioeconomic background
  • Resource stewardship, and the need for precious health resources to be allocated rationally and equitably
  • Improving health outcomes, including the avoidance of harm through overdiagnosis
  • Advocacy for stronger and more integrated health systems, both globally and across Australia and New Zealand
  • The role of technology in facilitating care, education and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery
  • The impacts of climate change, wealth inequity and other social determinants of health

The scientific program will incorporate these concepts, based around four key sub-themes:

  • Global emergency care: the role of emergency care in global health and the attainment of universal health coverage
  • Equity in emergency care: the impact of race and gender on healthcare practice and outcomes, including the challenges of gender inequity in medical leadership roles and Indigenous healthcare in Australia and New Zealand
  • Planetary health and emergency care: the intrinsic links between climate, pandemics and other disasters, and our relationship with the planet
  • Transformative change in emergency care: new thinking, new technologies, new models, enabled by innovation and leadership

A final session, ‘Bringing it all together’, will explore how these values can help create health systems that prioritise equity, sustainability and innovation, and empower clinicians to provide ‘Better care for a better world’.

Within each day, clinical topics (such as paediatrics, trauma, geriatric medicine, toxicology, resuscitation and mental health) will be embedded. The conference will also provide opportunities for new researchers to present their work to an international audience.


On this background, the overall aim of the conference is to create a space for the global emergency care community to learn, discuss and plan how equity, sustainability and innovation can be enshrined in emergency care (EC) education, research and practice.

By participating in the conference, delegates will develop:

  • A deeper understanding of how EC is essential to health systems, and how safe and effective EC is critical to achieving universal health coverage and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals
  • New insights about how EC can improve equity within health systems, and how race, gender, wealth and other inequalities can lead to poor health outcomes
  • A profound understanding of the challenge of climate change and its impact on health and EC, and the inspiration to become advocates, activists and leaders for improved planetary health
  • Expanded thinking and challenged perspectives about EC, related to their practice, their teaching, their research, their advocacy and their professional relationships
  • New networks, friendships and partnerships that will facilitate collaboration in practice, teaching, research and advocacy, and an enhanced sense of solidarity
  • A renewed enthusiasm for EC, having been energised, entertained and inspired by an amazing experience of food, dance and fun in Melbourne, grounded in the rich and diverse cultures of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region


Our aim is to facilitate a wide array of opportunities for participation and engagement; to share knowledge and inspiration; and to ensure that all delegates feel empowered to focus on “better” – in their practice, their health system and their region. We would like as many members of the global emergency care community as possible to visit Melbourne in order to absorb new ideas and create new partnerships, and to leave with the belief that they can make a meaningful difference and contribute to a better world.



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