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ExpoNet is pleased to have been appointed as the official shell scheme build, furniture, styling, signage, graphics, production equipment and electrical contractor for ICEM 2022. ExpoNet brings 35 years of experience in exceptional design, project management and delivery to exhibitions and conferences, major special events and provides key infrastructure and custom builds across Australia. By creating the environments where people can connect, celebrate, and interact, they help showcase brands, promote engagement and ensure a strong return on investment.

With specialised staff on hand Australia-wide, you can be assured of 5-star customer service every step of the way. Their comprehensive equipment and furniture hire service covers a broad range of items with excellent design teams to create your ideal exhibit. ExpoNet also provide lighting, AV equipment, signage, event and exhibition furniture and their custom design team can help create solutions for brand activations, 3D features, retail fit outs and pop-up displays.

ExpoNet has been accredited as a COVID safe business and follow all advice and regulations outlined by relevant government and health officials. They offer solutions such as signage, sanitisers and acrylic guards to ensure a safe operation of the exhibition.

If you require more information or wish to get in contact with ExpoNet directly, you can visit their website


GEL Events Event and Exhibition Logistics 

GEL has been engaged as the key freight forwarding partner for ICEM 2022 to assist and streamline your exhibition logistics. As one of the largest freight forwarders in the world, GEL can provide solutions for all your event related requirements, whatever the scope. GEL specialise in exhibition and event freight forwarding logistics services both domestically and internationally, as well as onsite venue logistics providing a full door to booth solution and reverse logistics.  

Providing a complete transport, materials handling & storage service, they monitor freight from origin through to exhibition booth, ensuring goods are handled in a professional manner and all formalities/deadlines are met. As part of the customised service, GEL clients get the added benefit of having your goods delivered to your exhibition booth prior to your arrival, along with all services provided in one invoice, post event.

To book your freight and logistic services with GEL please click here. 

Once you’ve logged in and requested your services, a GEL specialist will reach out to confirm details and provide you with pricing.

If you prefer to do this via phone, please call 1300 013 533 or email fiona@gelevents.com.au for further assistance.

You can view a GEL’s full terms and conditions here

Should you need it, please download a copy of the GEL depot label here.



The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) have a range of services on offer for exhibitors to arrange as part of their exhibition stand. Everything you need to know about exhibiting at MCEC can be found within their 🔗Exhibitor Service Guide available to download from their website.

Visit the MCEC exhibition web page to access the exhibitor services forms, including stand cleaning, utility services, food and beverage requirements, technology, and safety. Note that the MCEC has sole catering rights in all areas of the MCEC, including on stand catering. Exhibitors can pre-order food and beverage services for their stands using the appropriate online MCEC order form. If you have any further venue enquiries, please refer to the MCEC Exhibitor Services contact details at the end of this manual.

Loading dock access map click here


Any contractors not assigned by the Conference Managers must read the MCEC Exhibitor Services Guide on to work onsite. This must be done by Tuesday 3  May.


For floor space only stands, a custom design booth must be erected on the floor space.

A CAD drawing, engineering specifications and an artist’s impression will be required and is subject to approval by the conference organisers and venue. 

We have implemented the following guidelines for custom built stands in line with industry standards.

  • Booth sides that face the aisle must be transparent and open. Any construction elements higher than 1.5m and up to the maximum build height on these sides must not exceed 50% of the length of the booth side facing the aisle.
  • Booths allocated in the first row in the exhibition hall must not exceed a build height of four (4) meters.
  • Exhibitors with space-only booths located beyond the aforementioned rows may construct booths to a maximum height of five (5) meters.
  • No multilevel structures are allowed to be built on the purchased exhibition space.
  • No overhead structures can be over the space of an aisle, even if the aisle is between two booths of the same exhibitor.

Please provide us with the above, including details of your stand builder, no later than Monday 16 May. Please submit information via email to sponex@icem2022.com.

All Stands or Temporary Structures higher than 3m must be constructed under the supervision of an Authorised Person/Registered Structural Engineer. In addition, any Stands of 4.5m or above in height must be designed with structural calculations and have its stability verified by a Registered Structural Engineer prior to erection. The Authorised Person/Registered Structural Engineer must also verify the stability of the Stands or Temporary Structures on-site and submit a safety report to HML prior to the first day of the Open Period.

Vyaire Medical Inc. is a global company, headquartered in suburban Chicago, focused exclusively on supporting breathing through every stage of life. Established from legacy brands with a 65-year history of pioneering breathing technology, the company’s portfolio of integrated solutions is designed to enable, enhance, and extend lives.

At Vyaire, our team of 4000, pledges to advance innovation and evolve what’s possible to ensure every breath is taken to its fullest. Vyaire’s products are available in more than 100 countries and are recognized, trusted, and preferred by specialists throughout the respiratory community worldwide.

Vyaire has a long and proud history with emergency care throughout Australia and beyond. As the home of legacy brands including Vital Signs, AirLife, enFlow, GreenLight, bellavista, and many more, we are your trusted partner every step in delivering emergency care.

Come speak to Vyaire to learn more about our innovative solutions in ventilation and respiratory care, and blood and fluid management in the ED.


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