21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2022

14 – 19 June

Hybrid Conference I Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine

14 – 19 June 2022

Hybrid Conference
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2022

14 – 19 June

Hybrid Conference I Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
07:00 – 08:15


Envenoming: from basic science to clinical realities

Australia is home to 20 of the 25 most venomous snakes worldwide, as well as some of the most venomous spiders and marine creatures. Presented by Seqirus, join a panel of experts for an interactive discussion on the evolutionary biology of Australia’s venomous creatures to explain the severe and clinically challenging envenoming syndromes observed in victims. Bridging the spectrum from basic to clinical science, this exchange of ideas will navigate the complexities of envenoming management across Australia. Panel members will present memorable and complex case studies with a toxinologic evolutionary twist including a discussion on clinical testing best practices and management. Join the panel members as they share their fascinating insights which we hope will provide inspiration for treating physicians.

Chair: Prof George Braitberg

Discussion Panel: A/Prof Bill Nimorakiotakis, Dr Jessamine Soderstrom, Dr Timothy Jackson

Chair: George Braitberg


Speaker: A/Prof Bill Nimorakiotakis

A/Prof Bill Nimo (Vasilios Nimorakiotakis) MBBS (Melb Uni) FACEM, FACRRM (Hon.), Dip Mgt (Swinburne University) is an Emergency Specialist who has subspecialty interests in Retrieval Medicine, Toxinology and Education.
Currently he works as a retrieval specialist in Queensland with Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ) and with Telehealth Emergency Support Unit (TEMSU) in Queensland. He has published extensively, co-authored a book and presented at many nation and international conferences in the field of toxinolgy. It was an interest that started many years ago when he had to manage a 10 year old in Karratha who was bitten by a sea snake.

Speaker: Dr Timothy Jackson

Dr Timothy Jackson is an evolutionary toxinologist and co-head of the Australian Venom Research Unit who has been publishing in the field since 2003. He received his PhD from the University of Queensland in 2016 and holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Sydney (BA with majors in Music and Biology) and University of Queensland (BSc with first class honours in evolutionary biology).

His work focuses on the evolution of reptile venom systems and their constituent toxins and has resulted in the publication of over 30 peer-reviewed papers and contributions to 26 book chapters to-date. Having grown up largely in Australia, working with Australian venomous snakes from a young age, a particular focus of Dr Jackson’s work has been the evolution of the venom of Australian elapid snakes and its connection with their ecological and behavioural diversity.

He is passionate in his belief that a deep understanding of the evolution of venoms and their constituent toxins can make an important contribution to the treatment of snakebite. In addition, his work on the molecular evolution of toxin genes focuses on treating them as a model system for molecular evolutionary processes in general.

Dr Jackson’s areas of expertise include evolutionary biology (evolutionary theory, molecular evolution and organismal biology), venomics (proteomics and transcriptomics), bioinformatics and computational biology, toxin structure-function and evolution, anatomy of reptilian venom systems, philosophy of science and animal husbandry.

In 2017 Dr Jackson joined AVRU, where he will continue his evolutionary research and head the Venoms and Antivenoms Reference Laboratory, which will characterise the venoms of medically important venomous snakes and evaluate antivenom efficacy.

Speaker: Dr Jessamine Soderstrom

Dr Jessamine Soderstrom is a Clinical Toxicologist and Emergency Physician at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH).  She is currently the Deputy Head of Emergency  at RPH, a member of the WA Toxicology Service and the Clinical Centre of Research in Emergency Medicine.  Her current area of research is Metamphetamines and novel psychoactives, with the formation of a national registry, Emerging Drugs Network of Australia (EDNA).  This has been important in the formation of a toxicosurveillance network and informing the development of Early Warning systems around the country.


Seqirus has public health protection at its core, reflecting the promise of our parent company – CSL Limited – which was founded in 1916 to save lives and protect the health of people. Together with our partners on the front line, we have served Australia’s healthcare needs for over a century. Today we develop, manufacture and source medicines that support the health and well-being of many thousands of people around the world. Seqirus operates Australia’s only local manufacturing facility for seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine, and produces a range of unique medicines in the national interest including antivenoms and Q fever vaccine.

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